Long Room Demolition

Notes from the Chair, March 2019

(The below went out on our second newsletter in 2019, but it seems nicer to replicate it verbatim!)

Dear Members and friends,

A special welcome to those who have subscribed via our facebook page – thank you for your support.  Please continue to let people know that they can sign up for information about our Association.

There have been big changes at the Centre and a lot of work continues so that we can gain our long-term lease.  The sectional hut (Longroom) has been succesfully demolished and my thanks go to Tony for all the work he has done in putting up the new fence, leveling the ground and preparing for new grass.  Much of this work was done in terrible weather.

The refurbishment of the Green Room continues and we are delighted to welcome ‘Living Well Taking Control’ who will be using the room during the day on Thursdays.  We hope to welcome further new bookings as our refurbishment continues.

We are making good headway in working with the County Council and have had further positive structural inspections.  We will keep you updated with our progress.  However, challenges are nothing new – the Association has worked to overcome many difficulties over our 73 year history.  The history of the Association is being explored by local historian Caroline, and a display of her work showing our history is currently on show in the Heritage Hub.

I hope you are able to join us at the upcoming social events.

Anne Radley, Chairman