Flyering in March 2019

Special Delivery

In the last few days, we’ve had a bumper pack of newsletters printed, giving an overview of the activities happening at the centre. There’s details on this website about what goes on, but not everyone in the vicinty of the centre knows we’re here, so we wanted to reach out to the wider community and say hello!

We’re delivering to the Armscroft Estate, Swallow Park and houses on and off Elmbridge Road, south of Merevale Road.

If you’d like a paper newsletter but didn’t receive one, they’ll be available to pick up from the centre soon.

Thank you to all the Elmscroft Friends who have delivered these over the blustery weekend!

Roads covered:

  • Elmbridge Road, south of Merevale Rd
  • Windfall Way
  • Green Pippin Close
  • Braeburn Close
  • Merevale Road
  • Colebridge Avenue
  • Riversley Road
  • Argyll Road
  • Argyll Place
  • Grafton Road
  • Kenilworth Avenue
  • Grosvenor Road
  • Bradford Road
  • Waverley Road
  • Lonsdale Road
  • Wolseley Road
  • Armscroft Road
  • Armscroft Place
  • Armscroft Crescent
  • Ebor Road
  • Blinkhorns Bridge Lane
  • Brookfield Mews
  • Armscroft Court
  • Armscroft Gardens
  • Coronation Grove
  • Hamer Street
  • Coltman Close
  • Coldray Close
  • Peart Close
  • Casey Close
  • Norman Ball Way
  • Etheridge Place
  • Barnwood Road, between the roundabout at the bottom of Wotton pitch and the Railway bridge.